10/10 Mythic: The Nightmare Is Over

by Foulbbqstain, 60 days ago

For the second straight tier we had to overcome having nothing as far as power classes going into the last boss of the tier. Our only moonkin had to quit due to work issues, and it left us with an absolute mess of a second phase on Blackhand. It was necessary to piece together a ridiculous patchwork of second phase balconies, and it was terrible and riddled with RNG. We overcame that. It was no different than us having to pull Imperator Mar'gok with no 3rd tank and no Death Knight. We pulled the hardest boss of the tier, and probably the hardest boss since Lei Shen, without the only class to make the fight go. We still made it happen. 

I wasn't always proud during the progression. Attempts were stalled by terrible mistakes. One percent wipes were followed by repeated phase one wipes. However, the raid persevered, and they deserve a lot of credit for that. Tensions were high because we were not achieving that which we are used to achieving. In the end we finished yet another tier where I am incredibly proud to be the leader of OBSCURE REFERENCE. We had to pull the hardest boss on a harder tier of difficulty. I believe Licked said that it was incredibly disappointing that a boss' progression could be circumvented by poaching a class from other guild's instead of actually progressing the boss. Unfortunately, we were not able to circumvent that progression (though we did try). In retrospect, it made the progression more rewarding (in my mind).

Congratulations to the raiders of this guild that continue to put up with my short fuse. I know it is not easy, but I have friends here who continue to do it when they could do it in better ranking guilds or move on with their lives without OBSCURE REFERENCE or World of Warcraft. I hope that we continue to achieve things together in the tiers to come. Congratulations to the players from OBSCURE REFERENCE who have moved on to bigger and better things. You will be missed. 




Cytoma - Subtlety Rogue PoV - Mythic Blackhand

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9/10 Mythic: Meh

by Foulbbqstain, 89 days ago

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8/10 Mythic: Idiot Boat Jumper Bitches Dead

by Foulbbqstain, 103 days ago

Killed it after quick farm. This is another fight we should have killed earlier, but through solid Tuesday farm and good play we were able to make quick work of it tonight. 

Cytoma - Subtlety Rogue PoV - Iron Maidens

Castaway - Retribution Paladin PoV - Iron Maidens

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