5/10 - AoEing is a hard mythic mechanic

by Foulbbqstain, 2 days ago

Dumb, terrible mechanic. Barely a boss. Of course no weapon or trinket dropped. We have officially gotten the worst loot drops of all time. Awesome.


Azer - Unholy DK PoV - Flamebender Ka'graz

Germinate - Resto Shaman PoV - Flamebender Ka'graz

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4/10 Mythic: Hate this boss

by Foulbbqstain, 6 days ago

Once again, I'm shitty at remembering to take screen shots.


Cytoma - Subtlety Rogue PoV - Hans and Franz

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3/10 Mythic - Yay guild decided to stop being bad!

by Foulbbqstain, 9 days ago

Forgot to screenshot Darmac. Forgot to screenshot Gruul until everyone was at Oregorger. Finally remembered on the 3rd boss. #Shitlords


Germinate - Resto Shaman PoVs - Gruul - Oregorger - Beastlord Darmac

Cytoma - Subtlety Rogue PoVs - Gruul - Oregorger - Beastlord Darmac

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